That Choppa Life

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Ever feel like the good news was only a set up for the bad news?  I had a few experiences this week in which the upper pitched me like a perfectly timed alley-oop to the downer soaring to execute the rim-swinging dunk.  A friend who sat curtsied watching me direct the fast break recovery after each dunk this week texted me to say, “Wow you definitely have the ying and yang going.”  I agreed.

I agreed with her that my world comes riddled with moment that made me shake my head.  I agreed with her because many of these head shaking moments came courtesy of other people and their decisions and actions.  I began to feel that the intrusive attacks of the yangs came purposefully to upset the joy of the yings.  Thankfully, the repetition of the attack of the yangs strengthened and empowered me.  At some point, the pendulum swinging made me laugh out loud.  I laughed along with my friend and coworker about my new perspective on my life.

The two of us have spent a great deal of time working with students who had experience with marijuana so I borrowed the term choppa from my students to describe my life.  Choppa might have been known as a spliff back in the day or in more recent times called snapamobile.  Until last school year, I had never heard of either term.  My curious students explained that the ingredients in a choppa consisted of marijuana and nicotine.  When smoked together these ingredients gave them a quick high followed by a low.  Hence, the laughter when I described myself to my licensed alcohol and drug counselor friend as “a living choppa.”

The work week began with a Monday off to relax and recover from the madness of the weeks prior.  I told some that when the week began I owned a supernatural peace only to have that peace disturbed by other folks.  Tuesday I left home renewed and optimistic.  Since it seemed that the universe responded with a yang every time I expressed a ying with my outside voice, I have decided to be rather vague about the particulars that defined my choppa life this week.

  • Tuesday, my professional development blessed my soul just after I learned some life changing health news about someone dear to me.
  • Wednesday, I attended a program ready to share stories about the richness of my soulful heritage only to share a platform with folks spewing anger and unwarranted expectations.
  • Thursday, I reflected on the benefits and blessing of having health insurance while living with the dialog of doctors about the challenges of being over fifty.
  • Friday brought the reality that things you sacrifice for can challenge your peace the most.

Regardless of the madness in my life, I found laughter and trusted friends anchored me.  My spirit was calmed by meditation, prayer, and good music.  Despite the yangs, I remained grounded, hopeful, and empowered.  God has a sense of humor.  Let it be known that the giggles shall outnumber and overcome the intentions of the yangs in my choppa life.


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