One Big Dream

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I sat down to write about one of my big dreams or the things I thought about while I watched the CBS Sunday Morning.I took notes complete with names, quotes, and ideas. Then, I started writing and this poem was the result:

Some day I will write a best seller.
That day may just be today.

The pen – my instrument of choice.
The instrument – the vessel that gives life to my voice.

The juices of my creative thoughts churn within the inkwell of my pen.
My thoughts stream into the universe alive in vibrant color.

The random thoughts collect themselves into words etched onto a page.
The pages tell of a meaningful journey of an aged soul.

My words and thoughts become open to examination by the world.
The transparent soul speaks wisdom about life, love, lack, and luster.
I will write a bestseller for the living.
My writing will breathe life and love.
My writing will accomplish the ultimate end for my voice and for me – freedom and liberty.

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