History repeated itself again!

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I think I have been on adrenaline for several months.  I have certainly been on adrenaline the last few weeks.  I attended a graduation on the east coast in May.  The following day, I attended a graduation on the west coast.  Today, the tiredness of the school year and the chaos of my life visited me.  I found myself so exhausted that I thought of going to bed at least four or five times today.

Last year, I wrote a blog post called, “Hung Over Again” (http://www.sisterintheshadow.com/hung-over-again/).  The year prior I wrote a post called, “Hung Over.”  Every year I recognize my inability to perfectly balance work and life.  Despite my awareness, I find myself living out the old adage that “history repeats itself.”

I woke this morning and changed my routine.  Instead of writing, I went for a long walk, ate breakfast, answered a few emails, saw a matinee, and met a friend for lunch.  Tomorrow I will get up before the rest of the house and do more writing.  Tonight I will give in to the call to slumber that will fuel my spirit and body for another week.  I don’t always do a good job of listening to my body.  I tend to force it to do more than I should.  I hope that you will find time today and tomorrow to listen to your body and let it guide you to make healthier decisions.

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