Get Ready: Turn what seems wrong into what feels just right!

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When all seems wrong in your life, speak into the universe all that is right! As I close out 2017, I am forcing myself into this self-reflective, self-motivating, self-affirming process.  Disappointment, depression, diminishment and derailment sit opposite of healing, happiness, humility and hope on the spectrum that represents how we really do life.  Doing life is the real, tangible, felt thing we do every day, all day.  The pendulum swings steadily like the second hand on a clock marking time while documenting your emotional register.  Doing life requires regulation of the force of the pendulum swing and its pace.  Many of us opt out of the role of pendulum master and blame gravity for our positioning.  My very new meditation practice teaches me that having a busy mind is normal.  I already knew that about myself so that bit of information is not really a revelation for me.  The truths that follow, however, have revolutionized my thinking about my engagement with the ever present pendulum of emotion accompanying me on my life journey.

Negativity often speaks louder than positivity.  The pain of loss often digs in deeper and more intensely than the joy of hope.  All of the emotions busy my mind and provide momentum for the pendulum swing.  The practice of meditation and staying mindful of my present state empower me to integrate a lesson to my life that I coach students to use daily – no Judgment.  Removing judgment opens the pathway to acceptance.  When there is acceptance, there is truth.  When I get to truth, I do life in a place that feels :deeper than my heart.”  It feels like some soul stirring, three-dimensional space, distant like a galaxy of stars that is visible, yet untouchable.  I think it’s that place where my soul aligns with my passion and my purpose.  When I am in that perfectly peaceful place, I believe that my unique design is perfect for my calling and my voice.  Someone once told me that my writing generally reads like it comes from my heart, but there are times when I seem to write from a place “deeper than my heart.”  I told the friend that the two writings she compared had different origins.  One was typewritten and the other was an old fashioned pen to paper writing.  I write pen to paper as often as I can hoping to enter that cool place of soul stirring, passionate, purposeful speech powerful enough to draw close enough to meet the needs of villagers searching for words that educate, empower, and enlighten.

It is in our depth that we unleash the power to change ourselves and positively influence those around us.  Note that I didn’t say change others. It is not my job to change folks.  First of all, I can’t.  Secondly, I can hardly muster up enough energy some days to change myself (insert a giggle and a smile).  My time and energy are best spent countering negative stuff the universe dealt to me.  My energy must be to stay focused on a plan intentioned on hope, healing, and humility.

  • Although my mindfulness practice is in its infancy, I work to live in the present. I do life in the present so my thoughts should live there too.
  • Laughing works for me at all times. Laughing, like praise, disarms the enemy. The instant the laughter ensues it distracts the distractor.  I get a chance to take the offensive position as the pendulum master.  The far right swing halts with my grasp and I wield the pendulum to submit to a calmer place left of center.
  • I am going into the new year consciously deciding and prioritizing the people and things that get time in my head and heart. Saying this out loud sounds mean and selfish, but there must be some type of continuous ranking of priorities since my mental and emotional resources are expendable. In order to dream, plan, work the dream, and work the plan, I need time, energy, momentum, support from the village, and a selective use of my resources.
  • I will practice the concepts of “no judgment” and “no regret.” Regular engagement with judgment and regret waste time and energy. I won’t over emphasize any perceived misstep or “bad” move. I will work to “hold it in the road” (as daddy used to say) until I figure out my next.  I will channel the inner chess player and figure out the next best move on the board.
  • I will keep dreaming about being a paid empowerment speaker, storyteller, and writer.
  • I will build my network.
  • I will increase my subscriber base.
  • I will continue living my passion to educate, empower, and enlighten villages of people.
  • I will celebrate all of the things that seem small: breathing, use of my limbs, a “sound” mind, free will, family, close friends, the legacy of family no longer with me, and Swaggy.

Heads up, Y’all!  Only positive, non-judgmental thoughts permitted to follow you into the new year.  If you can’t conjure up your own positive image for the new year, I will let you share mine:  My new website will be live in a couple of weeks and my new leadership guide won’t be far behind.  It’s time for us to go do life with an energetic spirit of greatness.  If you didn’t feel ready to be better in the new year, I hope this post helps you get ready!

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