Easter Memories

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IMG_7258To say that I have been a little distracted this week would be an understatement.    I spent the week coming to terms with my new normal without my brother and preparing myself, my family, and my staff for my trip to Alabama to pay my respects to him.  Shopping for a few last minute clothing items was moved to the bottom of the to-do list.  I decided that I would have plenty of time to shop after I got to Alabama.  Well, I forgot about the good southern folks and their Easter traditions.

My sister-in-law wanted us to wear black, gold, and white on the day of the funeral so I went on a mission to find gold accessories like scarves, ties, and handkerchiefs.  As I walked in and out of stores in a shopping plaza and then a number of stores in the mall, I became aware of the freshly done hair dos and the Easter egg colored nail polish on the freshly manicured hands of most of the ladies.  I was reminded that it was Easter weekend and remembered the pomp and circumstance that comes with the Resurrection Sunday celebrations in the south.  We used to joke that people who never go to church during the year making their was to church for Easter.  I think that was true because everybody’s mama expected to have the whole family in church with her to display to the church family Easter Sunday.

After entering the third men’s department store looking for gold ties and hankerchiefs, I gave in and asked a saleswoman if there was anything gold in the store or in the mall.  We walked through the department looking at one display after another trying to find gold ties.  All of the accessories were more yellow than gold or perfect colors for prom attire.  The nice lady directed me to a men’s store where I found myself in line for assistance behind a woman digging through a couple of baskets looking for a bow tie in a very special shade of salmon pink.  Since I had to wait, I thought that I would join the hunt and engage them in conversation about the hunt.  I said, “Are you shopping for a prom?”  (Once again, I forgot about the holiday weekend.)  She said, “Oh no.  I am trying to find a tie for my husband.”  My thought bubble read, “Oh really?!  Who knew that couples dressed alike for Easter?”  I wondered why they were dressing alike.  As I sorted out the who and the why she was busy chatting and explaining how something happened to her dress or suit and she had to make new plans for their coordinated Easter outfits.  I missed a lot of what she said because I was too busy trying to figure out whose idea it was to have a coordinated Easter presence.  Does anyone know the history of this Easter tradition that requires folks to dress up even more special than what my mom used to call “Sunday go to meeting clothes?”

This whole ordeal brought to mind my mother’s love of dressing me up for Easter each year.  I decided that reposting the blog entry  entitled, “Lola’s Easter Princess” was in order.  Enjoy!


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