For the love of Swaggy

This week I learned that my sweet Swaggy is not well.  I raised my kids and thought that my empty nester life would begin when my children left home.  I never imagined that I would claim a canine kid as my own and consider myself his mother too.  He has been a loyal canine companion, […]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

In Honor of First Lady Michelle Obama

As our country prepares for the Obama family to leave the White House, I am reminded of some of my most special memories from their time in office.  The first is my brief encounter with Michelle Obama in 2008 and the other was being on the phone with my mother during President Obama’s first inauguration. […]

Moving Day Repost

‘Tis the season to be happy, jolly, and full of sugary drinks and food.  The holiday season not only ushers in the spirit of good cheer and festive living, but it ushers in the memories of loss, separation, and disappointment.  I miss my parents. I miss my siblings.  I miss my relatives who live many […]

Cauliflower Rice Ain’t Breadcrumbs

Mid October, I started a fitness challenge.  The idea was to get focused on establishing healthy habits before the holiday celebrations commenced in late November and took us into the New Year.  The fitness guru who addressed the group introduced us to a nutritionist.  The nutritionist offered us a menu that we were to repeat […]

The Power of Global Living

Thank you to the friend who said, “You are global” before I really knew what that meant. Thank you, Friend, for blessing my soul and planting seeds of positivity. Thank you for making global thinking something cool, warm, and good for humanity. Thanks to you the quest to understand what I didn’t yet know I […]

Preventive Health Care at Fifty

It’s not a secret that I am 50 years old now and it’s no secret that my family medical history gives me a number of reasons to make decisions to live and eat healthier.  I have shared reflections and insights gleaned during the year before I turned 50 and now there are insights to share […]

Dawn Patrol and The Great Balloon Race

Peer pressure is not just a thing with middle school children and college students.  Peer pressure can influence the decisions of adults like me too.  The people native to Northern Nevada look forward to The Great Balloon Race every fall.  The balloon owners and their crews arrive in the area several days prior to the […]

Why blog?

This week someone asked me why I started my blog.  I hadn’t really been asked that question in a while.  More recently, I have been asked what my blog is about and how I got part of the blog published, but this questions reminded me of the first time someone asked me to ponder the […]

To Daddy, with love!

My father was a man of conviction about whatever became his topic of discussion or interest. He loved his family, electronics and making people laugh. Daddy was a master story teller and champion dreamer.  My father was full of sayings and “reverse psychology” during parenting moments which was any moment that we were together. He […]