The necessary struggle with technology

I have had a love-hate relationship with technology for many years.  I have been frustrated by mandated updates, spam, and lost data.  My frustrations have come as a result of slow working processing systems and human mishaps.  I wondered why devices have not been able to withstand my family dropping phones on the ground, dropping […]

Living with Mental Illness

This month is mental health awareness month.  Like other awareness months, the hope is that opportunities will arise for people to learn more, be understood more than before, invest in legislation and research focused on the topic of the month, and change the lives of the people living with the condition for the better.  Excellent […]

Weathering the storms

Have you ever felt that you wee living in the eye of a storm? This week, I laughed with a couple of friends as we discussed how the timing of some circumstances in my life created a perfect storm.  Why did that make me laugh out loud?  I don’t know, but often I think I […]

My Birthday Evolution

In my youth, I started the discussions about an upcoming birthday months before my birthday actually arrived.  In my mind, a birthday was the next best holiday to Christmas.  Each year, I promoted my next birthday to my family ensuring that nobody would forget.  As a youngster, I made certain that at least my parents […]

It’s a good thing that we are all made differently

When my daughter was four or five months old, I became a dorm mother to forty-nine boys who were boarding students at an all male preparatory school.  Forty-one of the boys were ninth graders ranging in age from thirteen to fifteen.  The other eight were high school seniors ranging in age from seventeen to nineteen. […]

Own your stuff!

Embodied in a text message I sent to a friend were these words: “Projection is the mother of deflection.”  I marinated on that for about thirty seconds then I sent this follow up text: “Or maybe owenership is the issue.”  I felt like I got myself into the age old debate of arguing whether the […]

Six Months

“What will be different about me in six months?” I asked myself when I learned that I was the last candidate standing after  a competitive search and that I would not be offered the position.  I also asked close friends and mentors, “What will be different in six months?”  Some sat with me and absorbed […]

That Choppa Life

Ever feel like the good news was only a set up for the bad news?  I had a few experiences this week in which the upper pitched me like a perfectly timed alley-oop to the downer soaring to execute the rim-swinging dunk.  A friend who sat curtsied watching me direct the fast break recovery after […]

One Big Dream

I sat down to write about one of my big dreams or the things I thought about while I watched the CBS Sunday Morning.I took notes complete with names, quotes, and ideas. Then, I started writing and this poem was the result: Some day I will write a best seller. That day may just be […]

Who will take care of me?

Many of my experiences this week seemed unrelated, but in my reflective moments I found common threads: 1. Communities rely heavily on our youth to lead without adequate support of the grown folks around them. 2. Young people need grown folks to support them with less judgment. 3. Grown folks need to remain in conversations […]