That Seat at the Table

There’s much talk about having a seat at the table in corporate America and in higher education. I have learned that some want that seat because they have a desire to serve a broader range of constituents. Those people have a vision of collaboration that influences cultural norms and policies that improve the environment and […]

“Just Keep Living!”

My daddy used to say, “Just keep living.”  In general, he said that when something would happen to elicit a response of shock, surprise, or awe.  As much as I have tried to plan the details of my life and script the next moves, life with determination and zeal brought unexpected events that altered the […]

Hidden in Plain Sight

Last week proved to be a long week and the week coming will likely be a version of the last.  I decided that a  laugh might help us all.  Sharing my experiences related to me getting sidetracked and forgetting things also will normalize my behaviors.  Hopefully, you will feel more “normal” too. Just saying out […]

My Home Team

Discussions about free speech and inclusive spaces on my campus presented an opportunity for my division to spend a day in July as a unit challenging ourselves and our peers to think about the intersections of diversity, inclusion, free speech, and respect.  We were asked early in the day to make adjustments at our tables […]

The beauty of a community of life learners

Last week I wrote about moments that have given me the shock I needed in order to reset my center and my focus.  The week I intentionally made decisions to further that goal of resetting. Flipping the switch to reset seemed simple and instantaneous.  However, I didn’t immediately feel that the goal had been accomplished or […]

Sustaining your vision (Part 2)

Last year I spent time with campus visitors who were a part of the Nelson Mandela Fellows Program.  The group was comprised of some of the brightest, innovative minds from Africa.  This summer the program returned to our campus and I was fortunate to be asked to engage with the fellows again.  One of the […]

History repeated itself again!

I think I have been on adrenaline for several months.  I have certainly been on adrenaline the last few weeks.  I attended a graduation on the east coast in May.  The following day, I attended a graduation on the west coast.  Today, the tiredness of the school year and the chaos of my life visited […]

Perspectives on interviews and supervision

The interview process varies from industry to industry and from organization to organization even within the same industry. While there are some differences, there are many commonalities.  This week I attended a workshop in which we were asked to sit in assigned seats at round table.  Each small group was instructed throughout the workshop to […]

Self-awareness: a critical practice for leaders

In the last six months, I learned some of the benefits of self-awareness.  I learned that it was not enough to be self-aware, but that the awareness had to promote actions specifically targeted at addressing the challenges, limitations, curiosities, or strengths revealed after gaining awareness. In the last six months, I also learned that self-awareness […]

Some things are worth repeating

Some days I have wondered if my mom had crazy dreams in her youth that other folks thought were outlandish.  My guess was that young women, especially Black girls, in her day weren’t encouraged to dream outside of the predetermined categories established by someone other than the young women.  Those who were lucky enough to […]