Hey Ma, you didn’t build a village for me

One day my daughter heard me telling someone that they could survive middle school and high school by creating a village for their kids and her comment to me later was that I never did that for her. I laughed and celebrated my genius because I realized at that moment that her middle school and […]

Hey Ma, “How was it?”

In 2008, we were in the midst of an election year. I am always interested in the women in the shadows of the men who stand in the light. I guess I have always appreciated the fact that whatever their political beliefs their lives resemble mine and they live in a more public place than […]

Hey Ma, our show is on!

Over the years, I have enjoyed watching television with my kids. Some might argue that television is mindless activity that should not be the basis for parental bonding with children. I beg to differ. It was entertainment and education simultaneously. We developed reading, writing, and arithmetic skills as well as some social skills. We laughed […]