To Mama, with love!

I am so blessed to have had you as my mother.  You loved me unconditionally and supported me through the great times in my life and the most challenging moments I encountered.  We stood together during the illnesses of our immediate family members as a formidable team.  You were a rock and you displayed such […]

Thanksgiving 2009

I recently wrote a post about making memories during the holiday season and I reflected on some good times from my childhood.  Well, my son reminded me of Thanksgiving 2009, the last Thanksgiving dinner we had with my mother at her house in Montgomery.  As previously stated, Thanksgiving dinner was always excellent and my mom […]

Please don’t do the laundry

My husband generally works long hours and most of the chores around the house belong to me most of the year. Sometimes when he gets a bye week he thinks that doing the laundry will help me out. While I appreciate the thoughtfulness, I really prefer to maintain control of laundry duty. When the kids […]

It’s that time of year!

Halloween was last Friday and a week later we still have leftover candy from the trick or treaters. Prior to last year, I hadn’t participated in trick or treating in at least fifteen or sixteen years. I made the decision to turn off all of the lights except the one in the back bedroom and […]

Swaggy The Great!

  If this little dog could talk, I can only imagine the things he would say. For fifteen years my kids begged for a dog. Daddy, “Can we have a dog?” they would ask. The answer was always a resounding, “No, I don’t think so, not right now.” Well, two and a half years ago […]