When my kids were younger, they got really excited any time we decided to take a road trip.  After a decision to take a road trip, I began the process of preparing us for the drive.  I researched the route, being mindful of the places we could stop for food and gas. I mapped the […]

2016: The year that loss and change will enhance villages!

I am sure you are wondering what toy cars and trucks have to do with anything.  Well, after a year of change and loss, I have decided to embrace changes and to set new, crazy, stupid goals for myself.  Heck, if I survived 2015, I can certainly harness that same strength and energy to do […]

50 things I couldn’t imagine!

I couldn’t imagine life without my parents. I couldn’t imagine my first anything without them. I couldn’t imagine mentioning them in the past tense. I couldn’t imagine saying what they used to say. I couldn’t imagine my sadness when my last shopping trip for my mom included paying for her funeral expenses. I couldn’t imagine […]


This month I have seen friends and family on various social media sites posting statements of gratitude and thanksgiving for things, events, and people.  I am really not one to participate in  chain emails or chain posts on social media and I don’t tend to accept invitations to play any of the games I am […]

For the love of hair

When I was young, the kitchen sink served as the shampoo bowl and my mom performed the duties of the technician.  My mom’s ideas about haircare for a young girl were very basic and that was probably because her skill set was very basic.  She cleansed my hair and conditioned it.  Once it was dry, […]

The gift that keeps on giving

In general, it is a good thing to have a gift that keeps on giving.  Even when we are traveling and shopping for souvenirs, I look for items that will be useful to me or the family when I get back home.  I purchase things like neck ties for the guys, scarves, socks, crafty jewelry, […]

A woman and her hats

My mother loved her hats and she loved her hat boxes just as much.  I don’t think I realized how many hats she really had until she got sick and I had to organize her things at her house.  Maybe part of her methodology was to keep things looking a little disorganized to make it […]

Spirit filled!

Recently, I heard a comedian joking about people who say they are filled with the Holy Spirit.  The first time I ever heard anything about anyone “feeling the spirit,” being “filled with the spirit,” “getting the Holy Ghost,” or “getting happy” was when my dad’s mother started crying and praising the Lord at what seemed […]

Moving Day

My parents were school teachers.  They believed that they would retire in the school system in which they worked and that they would live in the same house all of their lives.  My parents believed they would work in the same field, in the same county, and have no change in their lives that meant […]

When life happens

Over the years, I have had many times when I thought that life happened to me.  I knew that those happenings would forever alter my life because my progress and journey were slowed to what felt like a crawl.  Often, I felt that my movement was stunted by the figurative boulders and gravel blocking my […]