“The Monster That Ate My Socks” by A.J. Cosmo

I had every intention of writing something funny and spirited this week.  Then, something happened that caused a distraction.  Funny how one thing can spiral into many things and get in the way of the one good thing you planned for the day.  I almost missed the opportunity to trigger my happy hormones focusing on […]

“Austin Plays Fair” by Tony&Lauren Dungy

I met the Dungy’s when my family moved to Florida (the first time) in 1997.  Lauren and Tony became friends and role models who I admired and respected.  Lauren and Tony consistently demonstrated passion for teaching and encouraging young people.  They also encouraged people who sought support for the young people in their communities.  Those […]

“Corduroy” by Don Freeman

This week marked the start of Black History Month which led me down a reflective path.  I began to think about the lack of Black History in the classrooms and the lack of Black faces in television, literature, and toys during my childhood.  As I struggled to remember the first time I ever saw a […]

“Ducks in Muck” by Lori Haskins

I started this blog journey because I wanted to educate, encourage, and enlighten people in topics related to building supportive villages for young people.  Raising my children had become my greatest work.  I regularly received comments from onlookers about my children being “well-behaved” and “polite.”  Sometimes people would say you should write a book about […]

Dear God, It’s me, Kim!

Dear God, It’s me, Kim – again.  I started writing this letter to you a week ago early Saturday morning.  My canine kid, Swaggy, didn’t respect that Saturday was not a work day for me.  His body clock woke him up about 5:30 and he demanded that I get up and moving too.  As I […]

“‘Twas the Night B’fore Christmas”

When my children were younger, I read to them almost every night and I bought them books for birthdays, holidays, and as souvenirs when we traveled.  In December 1996, my planning included buying Christmas gifts for my family and thoughts about ways to encourage my daughter in her upcoming role as a big sister.  At […]

“Salt in His Shoes Michael Jordan In Pursuit of a Dream”

Deloris Jordan and Roslyn M. Jordan authored this encouraging children’s book about Michael Jordan and his pursuit of his dream to be a great basketball player.  This book was one of my son’s Christmas presents when he was five. It was the same Christmas that I gave my daughter “Dancing in the Wings” by Debbie […]

“Dancing in the Wings” by Debbie Allen

I bought the book “Dancing in the Wings” by Debbie Allen for my daughter when she was about eight years old.  While many parents stop reading books to their kids after age six or seven, I kept reading books at night for as many years as it made sense.  I think the reading at night […]

“Nobody Owns the Sky”

One of my favorite children’s books is “The Story of ‘Brave Bessie’ Coleman Nobody Owns the Sky” by Reeve Lindbergh. In addition to the inspiring story about Bessie Coleman, the illustrations by Pamela Paparone are absolutely marvelous. Bessie Coleman was “the first licensed black aviator in the world.” In this book, the author takes the […]

“Tops and Bottoms”

In 1996, my mother and father gave my daughter the book “Tops and Bottoms” as adapted and illustrated by Janet Stevens. It has been one of my favorite children’s books since the first time I read it aloud. It is the story of a bear and a hare. A bear who enjoyed rest and relaxation […]