Weathering the storms

Have you ever felt that you wee living in the eye of a storm? This week, I laughed with a couple of friends as we discussed how the timing of some circumstances in my life created a perfect storm.  Why did that make me laugh out loud?  I don’t know, but often I think I […]

DigiGirlz Rock!

I learned of the Microsoft DigiGirlz Camp several years ago.  It didn’t occur to me at that time that I would ever be a part of the camp experience.  It was no secret that I was outside of the target age range to be a camp attendee and my daughter outgrew her eligibility for registration […]

My Birthday Evolution

In my youth, I started the discussions about an upcoming birthday months before my birthday actually arrived.  In my mind, a birthday was the next best holiday to Christmas.  Each year, I promoted my next birthday to my family ensuring that nobody would forget.  As a youngster, I made certain that at least my parents […]

It’s a good thing that we are all made differently

When my daughter was four or five months old, I became a dorm mother to forty-nine boys who were boarding students at an all male preparatory school.  Forty-one of the boys were ninth graders ranging in age from thirteen to fifteen.  The other eight were high school seniors ranging in age from seventeen to nineteen. […]

Sustaining your vision (Part 2)

Last year I spent time with campus visitors who were a part of the Nelson Mandela Fellows Program.  The group was comprised of some of the brightest, innovative minds from Africa.  This summer the program returned to our campus and I was fortunate to be asked to engage with the fellows again.  One of the […]

History repeated itself again!

I think I have been on adrenaline for several months.  I have certainly been on adrenaline the last few weeks.  I attended a graduation on the east coast in May.  The following day, I attended a graduation on the west coast.  Today, the tiredness of the school year and the chaos of my life visited […]

Perspectives on interviews and supervision

The interview process varies from industry to industry and from organization to organization even within the same industry. While there are some differences, there are many commonalities.  This week I attended a workshop in which we were asked to sit in assigned seats at round table.  Each small group was instructed throughout the workshop to […]

Self-awareness: a critical practice for leaders

In the last six months, I learned some of the benefits of self-awareness.  I learned that it was not enough to be self-aware, but that the awareness had to promote actions specifically targeted at addressing the challenges, limitations, curiosities, or strengths revealed after gaining awareness. In the last six months, I also learned that self-awareness […]

Some things are worth repeating

Some days I have wondered if my mom had crazy dreams in her youth that other folks thought were outlandish.  My guess was that young women, especially Black girls, in her day weren’t encouraged to dream outside of the predetermined categories established by someone other than the young women.  Those who were lucky enough to […]

Simply amazed!

After a very long weekend last week, I returned to work and enjoyed many opportunities to share stories about the adventure that included two commencement exercises in less than twenty-four hours.  My children made me proud last week and left me reflecting with amazement about the milestones they accomplished. I was amazed that neither of […]