Living with Mental Illness

This month is mental health awareness month.  Like other awareness months, the hope is that opportunities will arise for people to learn more, be understood more than before, invest in legislation and research focused on the topic of the month, and change the lives of the people living with the condition for the better.  Excellent […]

How much will your adventure cost me?

I spend a lot of time coaching young people through transitions from kid to captain of their journeys.  I have watched some young people navigating the terrain like they chartered their course years prior.  On the other hand, I felt the wrath of the entitled youth too proud to admit that a glance at a […]

Hidden in Plain Sight

Last week proved to be a long week and the week coming will likely be a version of the last.  I decided that a  laugh might help us all.  Sharing my experiences related to me getting sidetracked and forgetting things also will normalize my behaviors.  Hopefully, you will feel more “normal” too. Just saying out […]

A Moving Meditation

Instead of spending time writing last Saturday morning, I made some early morning phone calls, went to an exercise class, went to a fitness tailgate, then I skipped the game in order to go hang out with a friend who needed  time to vent and laugh.  By the time I got back home, I wanted […]

Finding a way to love my new normal

About a week ago, I was not loving my new normal.  I decided to take out a journal, put pen to paper, reflect and sort out my feelings.  It might have been against my better judgment to reduce to paper some of the thoughts in my head intent on including them in this post.  I […]

Packing is such a process

Preparation for travel meant engaging in a mental survey of the things I need to take with me beyond the normal toiletry items.  In general, the number of outfits and the weather forecast have dominated my thoughts when packing.  I have also given considerable thought to the question of which shoes match the outfits.  The […]

My need to rekindle relationships with friends & family

About six months ago, I made a decision to work on reconnecting with family and a few old friends.  When I was a child, I planned my own pay dates with my friends without help from my parents.  It wasn’t a complicated process.  It generally involved a call or knock on a door to ask […]

My Home Team

Discussions about free speech and inclusive spaces on my campus presented an opportunity for my division to spend a day in July as a unit challenging ourselves and our peers to think about the intersections of diversity, inclusion, free speech, and respect.  We were asked early in the day to make adjustments at our tables […]

“Austin Plays Fair” by Tony&Lauren Dungy

I met the Dungy’s when my family moved to Florida (the first time) in 1997.  Lauren and Tony became friends and role models who I admired and respected.  Lauren and Tony consistently demonstrated passion for teaching and encouraging young people.  They also encouraged people who sought support for the young people in their communities.  Those […]

The beauty of a community of life learners

Last week I wrote about moments that have given me the shock I needed in order to reset my center and my focus.  The week I intentionally made decisions to further that goal of resetting. Flipping the switch to reset seemed simple and instantaneous.  However, I didn’t immediately feel that the goal had been accomplished or […]