Hey Ma, “I’m still learning.”

I woke up this morning with a need to write. Later in the day, a text message conversation with my son helped me understand my drive to write about this topic. When I took out my journal, I thought about my children and their journeys to adulthood. I was reminded of discussions with people of […]

That Seat at the Table

There’s much talk about having a seat at the table in corporate America and in higher education. I have learned that some want that seat because they have a desire to serve a broader range of constituents. Those people have a vision of collaboration that influences cultural norms and policies that improve the environment and […]

Christmas Traditions

I have tried for at least three days to complete this blog post. When I realized I would not get it done Saturday, I resigned myself to being alright with spending Sunday morning with my pen to paper. That didn’t happy either and I became pretty aggravated. Before feeling like a complete failure, I thought […]

“Just Keep Living!”

My daddy used to say, “Just keep living.”  In general, he said that when something would happen to elicit a response of shock, surprise, or awe.  As much as I have tried to plan the details of my life and script the next moves, life with determination and zeal brought unexpected events that altered the […]

The necessary struggle with technology

I have had a love-hate relationship with technology for many years.  I have been frustrated by mandated updates, spam, and lost data.  My frustrations have come as a result of slow working processing systems and human mishaps.  I wondered why devices have not been able to withstand my family dropping phones on the ground, dropping […]

Winning and Losing

Winning and losing means so many things to so many people.  The terms winning and losing go beyond competitive games.  I use the word “winning” to acknowledge or affirm actions or a set of circumstances that result in  favorable outcomes.   In my opinion, winning always has a positive connotation for the winner.  Winners tend […]

Being perfectly abnormal is normal

“I love to be around people who retain a sense of childlike quality,” said Bryan Cranston when he appeared on the CBS Sunday Morning Show.  His statement normalized my need to embrace laughter and opportunities to break from the heaviness of life to engage in a joke or a giggle.  Past experiences that made me […]

“The Monster That Ate My Socks” by A.J. Cosmo

I had every intention of writing something funny and spirited this week.  Then, something happened that caused a distraction.  Funny how one thing can spiral into many things and get in the way of the one good thing you planned for the day.  I almost missed the opportunity to trigger my happy hormones focusing on […]

What makes a “smart city” smart?

“If you forget about the people, you miss what it is to be smart,” said David Graham, the Deputy Chief Operating Office for the City of San Diego.  I watched a story about San Diego becoming a model smart city.  He has been instrumental in the vision and strategy of using technology to enhance the […]

More Reflections on Mental Wellness

Have you ever said something like,”If only I had known then what I know now.”  I have said that more times than I can recall.  The truth is that I might not have done things differently even if I had known the outcome.  Sometimes I think that we believe that we can change the outcomes […]